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Lee Thong (The Leather Man)

Hemp Necklaces

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On this page there are pictures of the hemp necklaces I make.  I get the hemp in a lot of different colors too sometimes but I use red, yellow, purple, black, white, and just the normal hemp color. I always try to look for new ideas and colors to use. 

Hemp necklaces: 10$ to 15$ each depending on how many glass parts are used on it.


Well these two are just an example of no two are a like.  Every color I choose and every single bead I use are never the same on another necklace but here shows you the yellow and blue hemp.



Here I've used some glass beads and here it shows you the black kind of hemp I can make the necklaces out of and the normal color of hemp I use.



Well here I just used the normal color of hemp and some purple on the top one but on the bottom one I also used shells for the beads, so I do use a lot of different beads to put on my necklaces.



Here as it shows, I ended up using purple and yellow together for the bottom one, and black and white for the top one with some glass beads.