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Lee Thong (The Leather Man)

About Me & My Business

About Me & My Business
Bands who have revived merchandise
Glass Necklaces
Granite Tiles
A motorcycle seat I helped complete
Leather Knife Cover
Hemp Necklaces
Leather Bracelets, Chokers & Dog Collars
Glow n' the Dark Thongs & Leather Thongs
Leather Whips
Contact Me

I'm a serious business man on the side of my job.  This is only my hobbie not my full time job but it seems like once I'm off work I'm working on my hobbie so I guess you could say I have two jobs.  I have black hair, I wear black jeans and T-shirts and don't ever leave the house without my leather bracelets on.  I'm a rocker dude some people say. 

I grew up in Regina, Sask. and spent a lot of time in Fort'Quappelle .  I went to high school at Belfour Collegiate and I've lived in Regina my whole life.  There is a picture of myself right under this just so you can get an idea of who I might be and who you'll be talking to if you ever contact me and decide to buy some of my things.

Taking a break from work


This is a picture of me and my wife Kim.  She also pitches in by making glow and the dark bracelets for the little gaffers which are a dollar each.  But this is the only picture I could find of myself on the computer so far but I will try to update it soon.

GLOW n' the dark bracelets: 1$ each




Music: All ROCK!
Movies: Sci-fi
Food: lots of sausages.  I'm a meat lover.

.I just love doing the hobbie I'm doing so theirs not a lot of things I like to do besides that.