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Lee Thong (The Leather Man)

Glow n' the Dark Thongs & Leather Thongs

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On this page I'll show you the GLOW n' the dark thongs I make as well as the leather ones, The leather thongs I make come in a yellowish color which you'll see, blue, red and black.

The thongs come in:

GLOW n' the dark thongs: 6$ each
Leather thongs: 25$ each


Here are three of the thongs I put color on and sell.  Their all different and each one has different designs and colors.



These are the leather thongs I was talking about that come in red, blue, black and the yellowish brown color.  I also make my own packaging at work.



These are just two normal thongs that I color and design and another blue leather thong.



Here are some more of the thongs I color and package, only these are in the packages unlike the first top picture because I took them out so you could be able to see them better.