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Lee Thong (The Leather Man)

Granite Tiles

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On this page their will be pictures of the tiles I make.  We have six in our living room, hanging on the wall so I'll show you those six, but If you give me a photo, I can pretty much do anything.  Including you're pets as well. Every granite tile is carved with a diamond bit, no painting or anything like that. I do wild life, bands, faces, pets, pretty much anything you want I can do.

Tiles: Framed ones are 75$ to 100$ each depending on the detail of the picture.


This is a picture of three bears, with the forest in the background as well as the moon up above.



This is a buffalo, just standing on a feild with some grass.



This is a picture of an owl my wife wanted me to make on a tile.  She bought the picture from the dollar store and fell in love with it, so I put it on a tile for her.



And these are two whales.  A mother and a child with the moon above them and a giant rock coming up from the water beside them.


This is a picture of Bob Marley that somebody wanted done so I did this one up, so as long as you tell me what you want I can do it.


This is a picture of a hawk on some branches and again it gives it a different look with the wood frame instead of the black frame.


Here are two lovely dolphins swimming in the ocean with the moon light glittering over the water.



These are two wolves standing on rocks.  I'm sorry the picture didn't come out as great as the others but hopefully you can still see the wolves and everything.


I call this, woman on skull.  I don't just so wild life, I do a lot of different and weird things too, but a lot of people like this piece of art for some reason.


This is a picture of some eliphants and this picture offers you a different look since instead of black frames, their just plain wood onces.


This is also something different, it's actually a deer antler ontop of a chunk of granite. I do sometimes do ones like this because they actually turn out nice even in this one how there is a picture of deer on it with the deer antler on top which gives it a little something different than the rest.


This is also another really great peice of work that i did to raise money at one event and my wife and daughters thought the eliphants and zebras would make a great African theme and it turned out really lovely so I made the exact some one again and we now have it sitting in our living room we loved it so much.