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Lee Thong (The Leather Man)

Leather Bracelets, Chokers & Dog Collars

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On this page I'll show you the kind of leather bracelets and chokers I make.  Their all leather, in different colors even but most of the one's I'll be showing are black leather but I put skulls, chopper logo's on them, even spikes.  I can also press pictures into the leather for you as well like you'll see on the second picture at the bottom their are two eagles.

Bracelets: plain with stamp design is 10$ each
                     Fancy crome parts are 15$ each
                     Spikes with something else on it are 20$ each

Chokers: 15$ each, but if you want spikes and something else on it, it's 25$ each.


This is me, showing off some of my designs.  Including a motorcycle, skulls and more.



On these bracelets I have chopper logo's as well as skulls.  As I said at the top on the bottom I pressed in a picture of eagles on each side.



Here are two leather chokers.  The bottom one has a handcuff and the key attached in a cool way with chain, and the top one has spikes on it and the middle piece is a roundish part that you can attache anything you want to it.



Here I added a skull on the middle one as well as kind of a pendent on the bottom one for a middle piece and on the top, rings through pieces of leather.


!Dog Collars!
It depends what you want on it and the size. Some start off at $25.00 to $60.00 depending on parts and designs because your parts could cost a lot, so it all depends on how wide and what you want on it as wlel as designs and parts.


Now this is actually a dog collar I made for someone.  This is for a bigger dog but I can do a leather dog collar for about any size of dog, I just need to know the size and the kind of dog it would be for and what kinds of things you want on it and I'll easily be able to do it.