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Lee Thong (The Leather Man)

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About Me & My Business
Bands who have revived merchandise
Glass Necklaces
Granite Tiles
A motorcycle seat I helped complete
Leather Knife Cover
Hemp Necklaces
Leather Bracelets, Chokers & Dog Collars
Glow n' the Dark Thongs & Leather Thongs
Leather Whips
Contact Me

Share some of my interests? Just want to get in touch with me and look at the things I make? Please get in touch by sending an e-mail to:

Just click this address to send me mail:

My daughter, Cassandra, helps me out a lot too and she's the one who made me this site; so if you need to even get a little more information you can e-mail her at or she will be the one sending you e-mails back from my e-mail.  I also have a buisness card and you can reach me by calling (306) 543-4225.

aww lil cass.jpg

Hey, I'm Cassandra.  I just wanted to put a picture up of myself so you'd know who you're talking to if you ever called, I'll also be answering you're e-mails.